When voting ends, participative governance starts.

The South African Constitution is underpinned by principles of good governance, also highlighting the importance of public participation as an essential element of successful good local governance. Section 152 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996 confirms several citizen rights and more specifically, the rights of communities to be involved in local governance. The principle behind public participation is that all the stakeholders affected by a public authority’s decision or actions have a right to be consulted and contribute to such a decision.

These public rights to participate in governance, at all spheres, are specifically addressed by the PAJA ACT of 2000. Smart Compact simplified the process to participate in government decisions.    The issues open for public comment are listed in the Public Participation section. Smart Compact captures your input and once you enter SEND, your input is sent as a personal email from yourself to the relevant government department’s supplied email address for the current matter open for comment.   You will also receive a return email from Smart Compact as proof that your input was sent.

When comments close and published by Government, Smart Compact will analyse and report feedback to you. Thank you for visiting our website and spending the time to enter your comments replying to the call for comment by our government.

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