Covid-19 is vascular disease – not respiratory one

Dr Jaco Laubscher (a physician specialising in vascular biology) shares findings that may revolutionise how we treat Covid-19.

Some medical experts are starting to argue that Covid-19 is a vascular disease – not a respiratory one.

It appears that many Covid-19 patients have normal lung function, yet their blood is not adequately oxygenated.

If Covid-19 turns out to be vascular it may explain why the use of ventilators fails to save so many patients.

Stellenbosch Mediclinic’s Dr Jaco Laubscher, a physician specialising in non-invasive cardiology and vascular biology, presented his findings this week.

His theory, in essence:

Covid-19 effects a vulnerable endothelium which leads to hyper-coagulability and impaired fibrinolysis.

Management of the hypercoagulable state by TEG and PFA is therefore imperative.

Say what?!

Refilwe Moloto interviewed Laubscher, asking him to explain what this all means and how he and other scientists first came across clues that Covid-19 is a vascular disease.

If the lung is normal and you still get low oxygen levels, it must be the blood vessel… Reports all over the world of exactly the same… easy to ventilate, but hypoxia becomes worse… small little blood clots…

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

Ventilation doesn’t harm the patient… but by the time you get there, your outcome won’t be good… By measuring the coagulant state, we can very specifically direct treatment…

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

Chloroquine, for instance – I’m not sure where this story comes from that it should work for a virus… That, to me, is ridiculous.

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

All patients at high risk – the elderly, hypertensives, diabetics, the obese, patients with ischemic heart disease – what they have in common is an abnormal inner lining of the blood vessel… inflammation of that inner lining… clotting factors that initiate the clotting cascade…

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

[Taking aspirin] makes absolute sense… but often you need two or maybe even three drugs.

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

Smokers are at increased risk of a higher viral load… it’s a no-go. Maybe Dr Dlamini-Zuma has something there – I’ll probably get hanged for this! … the majority of your symptoms will be related to the blood-vessel system of the lung… Higher risk of stroke, deep-vein thrombosis, kidney disease… the list goes on!

Dr Jaco Laubscher, physician – Mediclinic

For more detail, listen to the interview in the audio below.

Originally Published by Cape Talk

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